Monday, 2 November 2015


We head home
Battered and bruised
But we head home
Airport foolishness
He is trying hard to look smoldering
Me cracking up
We are different
I cannot explain how yet,
But we are different
Somehow this relationship has made it through,
The scrutiny, the racial divide
The apartheid legacy
I have been angry, vulnerable, shed tears,
Battled nervousness and fears
Met new life long friends
Connected with old ones.
Witnessed black poverty
Witnessed white privilege
Tackled race issues like a lioness.
Roared, punched words
Vomited words,
Sucked words in like a vicious tornado
Then spat them out again
Dealt with more white bullshit
That I have had to deal with in years!
Learnt patience, bowlfuls of patience,
Stepped foot on the Motherland
Welcomed with open minds
Gave of myself until there was nothing left to give
Put my shit on the stage and survived
English soil awaits me
Home but not home
The only home I know
Zululand I salute you
It is a new beginning
A new awakening
Life goes on….

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